You know that Lil’Bit makes homemade all-natural cleaning products – but what about the packaging?


Well, I’m glad you asked.

Alas, Australia is far behind in eco-packaging and I am doing my best to keep Lil'Bit in Australia but this may have to change in the future as costs are incredibly high here compared to overseas and I need to make a living. It's not that we don't want better packaging, we just can't afford it at this time.  One of the perils of being a small business is we simply don't have the buying power............yet ;)


Creating a plastic bottle from 100% recycled content uses 75% less energy than its virgin counterpart. Although some energy and water is still needed to process these plastics into new forms (which is why we love reusable!), the amount is significantly less than creating first-time plastics. 

Over 60% of first-time PET production is used to create polyester textiles. By using PET that has already been in circulation, we can offset the amount of new PET that needs to be created. 
100% Australian made.

WHY DON'T WE USE GLASS?  Well, glass isn't as eco friendly as you may think and when dealing with slippery detergents and sprays, its also not safe.

You can read the pros an cons of both glass and plastic here:



We initially used pump packs for our Gardener's Soap and Dishwashing liquid but

switched to disc tops when we discovered the pump uses 10 pieces of plastic and a spring

(left) opposed to two pieces in the disc cap (right).

Disc caps re 100% Recyclable.


  • 100% Australian made.

  • Made of compostable, recycled brown kraft paper lined with biofoil this foil is made from

       renewable raw materials such as corn, potatoes, grains and even bacteria!

  • Stand-Up Pouch has a zip lock which is made from corn starch and fully compostable.

  • Bags are also made using bio adhesives.

  • 100% Landfill Compostable means they bags have to go to commercial landfill for the

       correct composting  conditions.

  • These bags are also made using bio adhesives. The range of Bio Foil Bags is made from

       materials classified as biodegradable under the EN 13432 European Standard.


Labels printed by Australia's premier Carbon Neutral Printer.

  • 100% Compostable/Recyclable and made from recycled industrial paper waste.

  • Plant based, biodegradable, natural adhesive.

  • Traditional mineral solvent based inks contribute to ever growing greenhouse gas emissions. 97% of all inks and varnishes they use are vegetable based with the key ingredients made from soy and linseed oil.

  • Low waste pumping systems deliver ink to presses, reducing waste and maximising efficiency.

  • Printer also separates a large range of materials for recycling or reuse, resulting in only a small amount sent to landfill and proactively reduces consumption throughout the whole operation undertaking many initiatives including power factor correction, voltage optimisation and lighting designed for low power usage.


  • 100% Home Compostable. Unbleached linen/cotton drawstring bags containing our Bee Seed Bombs, Soap uts and Laundry Powder.
    Able to be used around the house for so many things but once they have reached their end of life, cut them up into small pieces and pop onto the compost bin

  • 100% Home Compostable. The tags and instruction inserts are made from recycled kraft paper and printed with vegetable inks.


THE BOXES: (Don't expect something pretty!)

  • 100% Australian made from recycled cardboard or recycled boxes from local businesses.

  • 100% recyclable.


  • 100% Biodegradable.

  • 100% Australian made.

  • Plant-derived cellulose backing.

  • Renewable and biodegradable natural rubber adhesive.



  • Australian made from non GMO corn. You can even eat, although they are a tad bland.Dissolve in water.

  • 100% Home Compostablesafe for gardens and compost bins.

  • Manufactured without water, saving precious resources.

  • ISO 14001 accredited: Systematic approach to prevention of pollution.

Compostable Void Fill

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