Did you know the luffa (Luffa aegyptiaca and Luffa acutangula) is a member of the cucumber family?

Like cucumbers, when flowers are pollinated (thanks bees) the vine starts to grow its fruit. The fruits or gourds are then harvested and left to dry out for  an average of six months or left to dry on the vine. 

The dried gourds are then soaked in water, peeled, and seeds removed. Once they are completely dry, they can be cut into all sorts of shapes or just sliced into rounds, added to soap or attached to wooden handles for back scrubbers.

These sponges are great and can be used in the kitchen as well as the bathroom and once used up you can simply toss into the compost bin and let the worms do their work!

Loofah sponges arrive hard and flat. Just soak them in water for a few minutes so they rehydrate, puff up and they are ready to go!

Be sure to hang your sponges up to drain after each use and I pop mine out on a sunny day for a full dry out - this extends their life by a few weeks. These sponges should last up to 2 months depending on how hard you work them.

Teardrop Sponge:
Fits in the palm of your hand and is great for pots and pans.

Square Sponge:
General use


Small Sponge:
Great for getting into the bottom of glasses or small items such as glasses and mugs.

  • Sustainably grown
  • Natural Cotton Tag/String
  • Compostable 
  • Biodegradable
  • Not Bleached 
  • Natural plant product
  • 100% Plastic free


3 Pce Compostable Loofah Sponge Set