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Lil'Bit Laundry Soap is ideal for removing all of those tough stains, and is a must have for anyone who has children ;)

Great for food stains, oil splashes, dirty socks, grease marks, sweat stains, grass stains, pen marks & keeping dirty mops fresh.

Cold water works best for removing stains and be sure to treat any new stains as soon as possible to avoid setting - once some stains set, there is no getting them out!!!

Just wet the item, rub the soap into the stain until it lathers and pop it straight into the washing machine.  If it’s a really stubborn stain, rub the soap in and let it sit overnight, or grate some soap into a bucket/sink of warm water and let it dissolve before soaking overnight - a great alternative to supermarket soakers. 

It's also great for removing small stains from carpets and upholstery but test a small, hidden area first just in case.

Keep the bar dry between uses and it will last for ages - a Lil'Bit goes a long way. 

Organic, sustainably sourced coconut oil, rice bran oil and good old sodium bicarbonate.  That's it!

Approx. 135g

Comes in 100% recycled tissue - no fancy labels!


Unscented Stain Remover Laundry Soap

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