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A beautiful gift for any green thumb who also cares for their health, the environment and our pollinator friends :)

Activated Charcoal & Pumice Gardener's Soap is made with the best, organic Activated Charcoal and finest Pumice, creating a slightly abrasive Castile based hand soap. Infused with certified organic essential oils to leave hands feeling fresh, clean and soft, this soap is perfect for any gardener looking to remove sticky messes.

Shoo! Insect repellent is a mix of woody, citrus and floral tones combined to make a summer perfume with a purpose! Made from all natural and organic ingredients, this spray is safe enough to use on babies and can even be applied to the face and is DEET free.

Lil'Bit Bee Seed Bombs use a technique that is thousands of years old. A mix of natural clay to protect flower seeds from insects and birds and soil/compost to provide all the nutrients needed for germination. When conditions are right (water, sunlight), the seed ball will break down and the seeds will sprout into a mix of herbs and flowers providing habitat and food for all pollinators.

1 x Activated Charcoal & Pumice Gardener's Soap 500ml
1 x Shoo! Organic Insect Repellent 250ml
1 x bee Seed Bombs (6)


Gardener's Gift Pack

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