'Soap Berries', 'Soap Nuts' or 'Soap Shells' are nuts harvested from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree which grows mostly in Nepal. The shell of the fruit/nut has a very high concentration of saponin, which is a natural soap! 

Our organic. soapnuts are now sourced from one of Australias most trusted and ethical suppliers who import directly to Australia from Nepal.  Grown and harvested by local communities right in the Himalayas, the income generated from the sale of the shells improves livelihoods while promoting sustainable practices throughout the area.

Harvesters are paid a good wage and unlike many harvesters, are not taken advantage of and regularly asked if they are happy with working conditions and what may be improved. This amazing supplier also personally visits the facility regularly and recently reported that the factory now runs entirely on solar power!

Thy also support Open Heart International which is an Australian charity doing vital work in Nepal for women's health.

How cool is that!



Are you ready for this?

Lil'Soap nuts come with a small, reusable calico bag - add 4-5 soap nut shells, pull the drawstring tight and toss in your wash.

This bag can be used up to 5 times before the nuts can be tossed into the compost heap or garden. The nuts will start to go 'mushy' after a lot of washes so I replace mine after the 5th wash.

So, when you buy a 250g bag, you get approx 200 nuts/shells which equates to 40 small bags. At 5 loads per bag that's 200 washes costing around 10c/wash as apposed to approx 26c for commercial detergents!

After your wash, remove the bag of soap nuts and let them dry, or use them again right away if you’re doing another load.




Lil'Soap Nuts contain natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and, as they are organically grown and hypoallergenic they are great for those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well as sensitive skin.


Our 100% Organic Natural Soap Nuts engage in Fair Trade practice with our supplier, whose family are part of the communities who harvest the soapnuts.  Although grown and harvested overseas, our Nuts are bought from an Australian Wholesaler.


For a recipes how to make a liquid soap concentrate, head over to our blog: https://www.lilbit.com.au/post/the-mother-of-all-soap-nuts-recipes


Packaging: 100% Home Compostable

  • Unbleached, Calico Bag 
  • Recycled paper swing tag and insert


Lil'Soap Nuts 250g