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'Soap Berries', 'Soap Nuts' or 'Soap Shells' are nuts harvested from the Sapindus Mukorossi tree which grows mostly in Nepal. The shell of the fruit/nut has a very high concentration of saponin, which is a natural soap! 


Are you ready for this?

Lil'Soap nuts come with a small, reusable calico bag - add 4-5 soap nut shells, pull the drawstring tight and toss in your wash.

This bag can be used up to 5 times before the nuts can be tossed into the compost heap or garden. The nuts will start to go 'mushy' after a lot of washes so I replace mine after the 5th wash.

When you buy a 250g bag, it will contain up to 100 nuts (many are in segments or halves) which can equate to 30-40 small bags. At 5 loads per bag that's approx. 100 washes costing around 10c/wash as opposed to approx 26c for commercial detergents!

After your wash, remove the bag of soap nuts and let them dry, or use them again right away if you’re doing another load.




Lil'Soap Nuts contain natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and, as they are organically grown and hypoallergenic they are great for those with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well as sensitive skin.



During my search for a supplier, I encountered numerous sellers offering subpar products, falsely claiming that their soap nuts were sourced from Nepal – the region known for producing the best quality soap nuts. In reality, these suppliers were offering smaller, darker, and drier soap nuts from Pakistan and India, which had lower soap content and were of poor quality.

Furthermore, their practices were far from sustainable, involving illegal forest planting and worker exploitation. The misleading information and unethical practices surrounding soap nuts have discouraged many potential customers from purchasing them. This is why rigorous vetting of suppliers is crucial and I have partnered with one of Australia's most trusted and ethical suppliers who import organic soap nuts directly from Nepal.

These nuts are grown and harvested by local communities in the Himalayas, allowing them to improve their livelihoods while promoting sustainable practices in the region. One of the distinguishing factors of our supplier is their commitment to fair wages and ethical treatment of harvesters. Workers are regularly asked for feedback on working conditions and other areas for improvement.

In addition to prioritizing fair labor practices, they have also made significant strides in environmental sustainability by recently transitioning the factory to run entirely on solar power, reducing the carbon footprint and minimizing the impact on the environment.

This commitment to renewable energy aligns with our values at Lil'Bit and further strengthens our confidence in the supplier.

The supplier also supports Open Heart International, an Australian charity that works towards improving women's health in Nepal.

By choosing Lil'Soap nuts, you can indirectly contribute to this vital cause, making a positive impact beyond just your laundry routine.

Join us in going nuts for soap nuts and make a difference today!


For a recipes how to make a liquid soap concentrate, head over to our blog:


Packaging: 100% Home Compostable

  • Unbleached, Calico Bag 
  • Recycled paper swing tag and insert


Lil'Soap Nuts 250g & Sampler

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