This May Chang & Clementine dishwashing liquid is made in small batches from simple natural and organic ingredients. It’s high-impact on greasy dishes, and zero impact on the environment. 


May Chang is a beautiful Australian native oil that smells like lemonade icy poles (honestly), paired with Clementine it will give your home a beautiful, fresh citrus burst.


Certified Organic Castile Soap (Palm Free), Wimmera Pink Salt, Demineralised Water, ACO Certified Organic Essential Oils including Clementine (Citrus Clementina - Citrus Reticulata), May Chang (Litsea Cubeba Fruit)


Squirt 3-4 pumps into hot, running water and sniff!


Detergents still have their place in industry, and various steps are being taken to help minimise their environmental impact. But at home, you don’t really need anything that harsh for your dishes and clothes.


As for viscosity, many think that dishwashing liquids need to be thick and gel-like. This plays on the fact that a thicker liquid means 'concentrate'. If its a concentrate it will last longer so I better buy it. Take liquid castile soap, it's pretty thin but cleans beautifully.


The truth is many dishwashing liquids are thickened with nothing but good old salt and sometimes Xanthan gum - neither of which really add to any cleaning power.


You can have a thick, super sudsy dishwashing detergent that does a bad job OR a thinner, low sudsing soap that does a great job.


So there you have it.


Oh, this can also apply to shampoos :)


Our rPET packaging is made up of 100% post consumer (used/exisiting) recycled content making it both recyclable and reusable!

  • By using PET that has already been in circulation, we can offset the amount of new PET that needs to be created.
  • Creating a plastic bottle from 100% recycled content uses 75% less energy than its virgin counterpart.
  • Although some energy and water is still needed to process these plastics into new forms (which is why we love reusable!), the amount is significantly less than creating first-time plastics.
  • Over 60% of first-time PET production is used to create polyester textiles.
  • Vegetable ink label
  • Recyclable atomizer and lid

May Chang & Clementine Dishwashing Liquid 500ml