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These mildly fizzy, Rosalina toilet cleaning tablets are hand made in small batches and not only smell great, but are also made from all natural, organic ingredients.

Remember, these aren't bath bombs so will not fizz up like them! 

Just as soap bubbles don't help in the cleaning action of soap, the fizz from citric acid is nothing more than a chemical reaction and doesnt actually help 'clean' at all, it's just a bit of fun which is why people love bath bombs.

Citric acid is great for cleaning, not for the fizz but for its ability to lower the pH levels of bacteria, some of which cause staining and discolouration. The acid does this by dissolving into the water and penetrating the cell walls of mold, mildew, and bacteria, killing it off and 'cleaning' it away. The fizz is a reaction between the bicarb and water and in fact you can even buy liquid citric acid that doesn't fizz at all!

Lil'Bit Rosalina Toilet Cleaning tablets will never be like a bath bomb, they are made to clean loos and kill off that bacteria.When the tablet is dropped into the loo, the citric acid will fizz slightly BUT you may not be able to see what's going on from above, but as you can see in the video here, there is plenty happening in the water beneath.

The tablet will collapse leaving a white powder in the bottom of the bowl which acts as an abrasive when swished around the bowl with your loo brush.

I understand we have been conditioned to think the fizz is what cleans, just like suds in soap are crucial to the cleaning properties too right? We need to be able to 'see' the cleaning action so no fizz or bubbles = no clean right?

Rosalina is also referred to as the Lavender tea tree and is an Australian Native oil packed with antibacterial properties. Its scent is slightly woody, camphoraceous and floral with rosy undertone.


Naturally Mined, Organic Sodium Bicarbonate*, Food Grade Citric Acid, 100% Australian Organic Castile Soap (Palm oil free),  ACO Certified Organic Essential Oil - Rosalina (Melaleuca Ericifolia Leaf)


Simply drop one tablet into the toilet bowl and let it dissolve. Once fully dissolved, give the toilet a quick scrub with your loo brush and flush!

NOTE: If you have a light scale build up add 2 or 3 bombs and let it sit overnight if you can.

These tablets are for maintaining a clean toilet, they will not work well on heaviy stained/rusty toilets. Try white vinegar or a solution of hydrogen peroxide and elbow grease!


QTY: 20 Tablets per pack



These will actually feed the good bacteria in your effluent tank!



Pouches take up to 360 days to break down into fertilizer, water and carbon dioxide in household compost comprised of household and kitchen waste. - see details below.

Labels are printed with vegetable ink.

* Naturally Mined Bicarb is only found in Western Colorado and much of what we see or buy is made with synthetic chemicals, often containing excess aluminium and other fillers. The supplier recovers the bicarb using a process known as solution mining. This involves pumping (solar) hot water approximately 580m underground to dissolve the underlying nahcolite beds and returning the bicarb saturated water to the surface.

The brine is pumped back to the processing facility where the sodium bicarbonate is crystallized collected.

USDA Certified and purchased through an Aussie importer.

PLA (not to be confused with PVA) is a polyester (a polymer containing the ester group) made with lactic acid and lactide. Lactic acid can be produced by the bacterial fermentation of carbohydrates under controlled conditions. In this case, the carbohydrate source is corn starch but can be cassava roots or sugarcane — making the process sustainable and renewable on an industrial scale. In addition to using the agricultural produce itself, crop residue like stems, straw, husks and leaves can be processed and used as alternative carbohydrate sources.

This means we can make use of agricultural by-products that are left behind after harvesting that would have otherwise been thrown away. Residue that cannot be fermented can be used as a heat source, which can ultimately lessen the use of fossil fuel.

Our PLA is certified home compostable to Australian Standard AS 5810-2010 (biodegradable plastics suitable for home composting).

Rosalina Toilet Cleaning Tablets (20)

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